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Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Foreign Workers Inspected, Huawei Obey Promise Immigration Rules

Foreign Workers Inspected, Huawei Obey Promise Immigration Rules

Jakarta, Indonesia CNN - Corporate telecommunications infrastructure and services provider Huawei Indonesia, expressed readiness to meet the employment procedures after Special Class I Immigration Office South Jakarta check the number of foreign workers who do not pocketed immigration documents in PT Huawei Services, on 27 November 2015.

Responding to such examination, the Senior Corporate Communications Manager of Huawei Indonesia, Yunny Christie said it would cooperate and support the authorities carry out the entire process.

"As well as ensuring that the employment procedures at Huawei Indonesia meet the immigration rules in force," he said in an official statement. According to the immigration officers, there are 32 colors foreigners (foreigners) working in Huawei Services in Kasablanka area, South Jakarta. A total of 20 employees could show immigration documents, but with the status of residence permit and not to work.

Of the 20 men, 8 people showed documents temporary residence permit, 4 people with a limited residence permit document, one person showed exit permit holders only and the other 7 shows Permit.

While 12 other foreign employees can not show immigration documents such as passports. It consists of foreigners, 9 citizens of China, one from Hong Kong, one from Malaysia and one from the Philippines.

The 12 WNA is not arrested and only asked to show documents when there today.

"Today they came accompanied by Huawei and still we process if there are allegations of abuse of the work permit," said Director of Investigation Director General of Immigration Yurod Saleh during a press conference in Jakarta, Monday (30/11).

Huawei Service is a subsidiary of Huawei in Indonesia, which manages a network of mobile operators and service company, one of the biggest is XL. Yunny say, this examination does not interfere with company operations Huawei Services.

Special Class I Immigration Office South Jakarta will perform further tests to both the foreign workers Huawei, as well as to the company. If there is evidence of intentional violation, it will be legal proceedings.
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Monday, 30 November 2015

Good relations kingdom Down the Acehnese Darussalam and of the Ottoman Empire

Good relations kingdom Down the Acehnese Darussalam and of the Ottoman Empire

Panta Rei Ouden Menei. Everything is flowing and rotating. Similarly Sriwijaya. Large Buddhist kingdom centered in southern Sumatra in the late 14th century AD began to enter a period of bleak. Majapahit invasion (1377) on Sriwijaya hastened his death. One by one the regions of Srivijaya started off and become an autonomous region or merge with another. King, duke, or local authorities who have embraced Islam and then set up a small Islamic kingdom. Some of the Islamic empire in North Sumatra merge into the kingdom of Aceh Darussalam.

In Europe, due to the Crusades protracted and persinggungannya with Islamic traders, Europeans began to look for gold, spices, fabrics, and all kinds of goods to another world that has not ever reach. The Frankish heard of the existence of a new world in the south which is very rich.

At 1494 Pope Alexander VI gave a mandate to the Kingdom of Catholic church official Portuguese and Spanish. This mandate is known as the Treaty of Tordesillas1 which bisects the southern world to be explored once the target spread of Christianity, one for the Portuguese and the other to Spain.

Witnessed Portuguese and Spanish success in the expedition, other European nations keen to follow suit. France, Britain, and Germany then also try to send each fleet to discover new worlds wealthy. The mission of European empires until now we know called "Triple G": Gold, Glory, and the Gospel. Gold symbolizing Europe is looking for a rich area to be colonized, Glory and Gospel attributed to the spread and triumph of Christianity.

Dutch historian J. Wils noted if the establishment of early missionary outposts in the archipelago always follow the progress of the Portuguese-Spanish fleet, "... posts first mission in Indonesia is practically coincide with the lines of the overseas search and spices 'colonial goods'. Starting from Malacca, which was conquered in 1511, en route to the Moluccas (Ambon, Ternate, Halmahera), and from there further to the East (1520), Solor and Flores, South Sulawesi and North Sulawesi (1544, 1563), and ends at most East Java (1584-1599). "

The Sultanate of Aceh Darussalam

Sriwijaya role was replaced by the Sultanate of Aceh Darussalam derived from the incorporation of a small Islamic kingdoms such as the Kingdom of Islam Pereulak, Ocean Pase / Pasai, Continent, Lingga, Samainra, Jaya, and Darussalam. When the Portuguese captured Goa in India and Malacca finally fell into the hands of the Portuguese, then the Islamic kingdoms that had stood on the north coast of Sumatra as the kingdom of Aceh, Power, Pidie, Pereulak (Perlak), Pase (Pasai), Teumieng, and Aru by itself feels threatened Cross Portuguese fleet.

Hasjmy citing M. Said (Aceh Throughout the Ages, hal.92-93) writes,
"To achieve his evil lust, from Malacca which had been robbed, the Portuguese set up the robbery plan step by step. Steps were taken, namely sending an accomplice-accomplice them to areas of the northern coast of Sumatra to cause chaos and divisions in the country who will be robbed it, that might cause a civil war, as happened in Pase, so there are those who ask assistance to them, for which the reason for them to intervene. "3
The Portuguese cunning strategy later emulated Snouck. As a result, Portuguese, towards the end of the 15th century and early 16th century have mastered the royal Aru (Sycamore Island), Pase, Pidie, and Power. In the occupied territories, the Portuguese set up business offices to guard a number of troops.
Less favorable development is continuously monitored by the Royal Islamic Aceh War Commander, Mughayat Ali Shah. Warlord who is also the crown prince of the kingdom of Aceh sure if the Portuguese would have to attack his kingdom. Mughayat the Shah explained this to the Shah Sultan Alaiddin Syamsu the elderly. Sultan conscious, to face the Portuguese, then the kingdom of Aceh should be led by a young, agile, and capable. Finally Sultan Alaiddin Syamsu shah soon induct his son as his successor. Mughayat ali shah became the new king with the title of Sultan Alaiddin Mughayat Shah.
Sultan new look, to expel the Portuguese from all over the mainland coast of northern Sumatra, from Power to the islands of Kampai, the entire Islamic kingdoms were small it must be united in a large and powerful empire. Then so be sultan, Alaiddin Mughayat soon announce the establishment of the kingdom of Aceh Darussalam that covers Aru territory up to Pancu on the north coast, and from power to the Barus on the west coast with the royal capital Banda Aceh Darussalam. And then kingdoms Aru, Power, Pase, Pidie, and so forth are still ruled by local kings. Through persistent battle eventually repulsed the army of Islam is the Portuguese along with local collaborators.
Successfully expel the Portuguese, Sultan created a royal flag of Islam Aceh Darussalam called "Nature Zulfiqar" (Flag Sword) blood-red base color with crescent and star in the middle and a sword under a white cross. Sultan's great to meet Khaliq on 12 Dzulhijah 936 H (Saturday, August 6, 1530).

United With of the Ottoman Empire Tied aqidah strong unity, Aceh Darussalam binds to the Turkish Islamic caliphate Ustmaniyah. An Ottoman archives contain Alaiddin Riayat Syah Sultan petition to the Sultan Sulayman Al-Qanuni, brought Huseyn Effendi, proving if Aceh recognizes the Ottoman authorities in Turkey as an Islamic caliphate. The document also contains a report on the Portuguese fleet that often interfere Cross and merompak Muslim merchant ship that was sailing on the Turkish-Aceh cruise lines and vice versa. The Portuguese also often confront pilgrims from Aceh and surrounding areas are about to perform the pilgrimage to Mecca. Therefore, Aceh urged the Turkish Ottoman send the fleet to secure the shipping lanes of the fleet disruption pagan Farangi (Portuguese).

Sultan Sulaiman Al-Qanuni died in 1566 AD replaced Sultan Selim II were immediately ordered the fleet to carry out a military expedition to Aceh. Around the month of September 1567 AD, Admiral Turkey in Suez, Kurtoglu Hızır Reis, ordered to sail for Aceh brought a number of experts rifles, soldiers and artillery equipment. This forces the Sultan ordered to be in Aceh for as long as required by Sultan Aceh.5 While leaving in huge quantity, which arrived in Aceh only a part of it, because on the way, most of the Turkish fleet transferred to Yemen to quell the rebellion that ended in 1571 AD .6
In Aceh, the presence of the Turkish fleet was greeted. Sultan Aceh confers Kurtoglu Hızır Admiral Reis as governor (wali) of Aceh, an official envoy of Sultan Selim II, stationed in the area tersebut.7 Turkish troops arrived in Aceh in waves (1564 to 1577) amount to about 500 people, but all experts in the art martial and the use of weapons, such as firearms, sniper, and mechanics. With the help of the Turkish army, the Sultanate of Aceh attacked the Portuguese in the center, Malacca.
Reasonably safe from pirates, Ottoman Turks also allow Aceh vessels flying the flag of the Ottoman Empire in the ship. Admiral Turkey to the Red Sea region, Selman Reis, carefully continue to monitor every movement of the Portuguese war fleet in the Indian Ocean. The observation results are reported to the central government Selman Caliphate in Istanbul, Turkey. One report said Saleh Obazan cited as follows:
"(Portuguese) also controls the port (Pasai) on the big island called Syamatirah (Sumatra) ... It is said, they had 200 unbelievers there (Pasai). With 200 infidels, they also mastered pelabuan opposite Malacca to Sumatra .... Therefore, when our ships are ready and, God willing, to move against them, then their total destruction would inevitably, because of the fort can not support the other, and they can not form a united resistance. "
But the Portuguese remained arrogant. Portuguese king Emanuel I proudly say, "Surely the purpose of searching the sea route to India was to spread Christianity, and plunder the wealth of the East".

Inland Futuhat Sumatra

Alaiddin Riayat Syah Sultan Al-Qahhar inducted in 1537 AD and was determined to rid the interior of Sumatra from the infidels. With the help of the Turks, Arabs, Malabar, and Abyssinia, Aceh into the interior of Sumatra. Around 160 Turkish and 200 Mujahideen Mujahideen Malabar become the backbone of the army. Mendez Pinto, observers war between forces in Aceh by Batak, reported a Turkish commander named Hamid Khan, nephew of the Ottoman Pasha of Cairo. Historian University Kebangsaan Malaysia, Lukman Thaib, strengthen Pinto and stated this is a form of real brotherhood between Muslims Islamiyah which allows for Turkey carry out direct attacks against the Crusaders in the areas around Aceh.
Ottoman Empire even allowed to build a military academy, "askeri Beytul Mukaddes" which in the tongue of Aceh became "Askar Baitul Makdis" in Aceh. Military training academy here that would later give birth to many heroes in Aceh who have the skill and tenacity fighter in the history of the struggle of Indonesia noted in the Turkish Ottoman ink streaks emas.11pasukan

Intellectual Aceh Nurudin Ar-Raniri in his landmark book titled Bustanul Salathin narrates Alaiddin Riayat Syah Sultan Al-Qahhar sent a messenger to Istanbul to face "the Sultan of Rum". This messenger is named Huseyn Effendi who is fluent in Arabic. He came to Turkey after Hajj M haji.12 In June 1562, the Aceh envoy arrived in Istanbul to ask the Ottoman military assistance in order to dispel the Portuguese. On the way, Huseyn Effendi had intercepted the Portuguese fleet. Having managed to escape, he was up in Istanbul which immediately sent reinforcements are needed, to support the Sultanate of Aceh generate izzahnya so as to liberate Aru and Johor in 1564 AD
In a battle at sea, the Sultanate of Aceh war fleet consists of small warships were able to move nimbly and also large-sized ships. Court historian writes, these ships are very large, measuring 500 to 2000 tons. Large ships of the Turkish equipped cannons and other weapons used in Aceh to attack invaders from Europe who wanted to rob Muslim villages throughout the country. Aceh really comes across as a great maritime power and greatly feared the Portuguese archipelago as it gets the full support of the war the Ottoman fleet with all the equipment for war.

Sultan Iskandar Muda (1607-1636 AD), in which the kingdom of Aceh Darussalam reach past glories, also once sent a small fleet, consisting of three ships, heading for Istanbul. This group arrived in Istanbul after sailing for 12.5 years through the Cape of Good Hope. When the mission returned to Aceh, they are given the help of a number of weapons, twelve Turkish military advisors, and a letter which is the official stance of Ottoman confirming that between the two countries is one of the family in Islam. The twelve military experts was received respectfully and awarded as a hero of the Islamic kingdom of Aceh. They are not only experts in weapons, tactics, and military strategy, but also proficient in the field of building construction so that they can help the Sultan Iskandar Muda in building a formidable fortress in Banda Aceh and the imperial palaces.

The impact of the success of the Ottoman Caliphate Cross blocking the Portuguese fleet in the Indian Ocean is very big. Among them are able to maintain sanctuaries and pilgrimage route from Asia Tengg fig to Mecca; maintain continuity of commercial exchanges between India and the European traders in the market Aleppo, Cairo, and Istanbul; and also secured major sea trade route South Asia, Africa and the Arabian Peninsula-India-waterway-Java-and to China. Sustainability pathways commerce between India and the Archipelago and the Far East through the Arabian Gulf and the Red Sea are also safe from gangguan14.

And Not Just Aceh

Besides Aceh, a number of sultanates in the archipelago also has allied with the Turkish Ottoman Caliphate, as the Sultanate of Buton, South Sulawesi. One of the Sultan of Buton, Lakilaponto, inducted into the 'sultan' the title of Qaim ad-Din which means "religious enforcers", which constituted directly by Sheikh Abdul Wahid from Mecca. Since then, Sultan Lakiponto known as Sultan Marhum. The use of the title 'sultan' This happened after approval is obtained from the Sultan of Turkey (there is also a mention of the ruler of Mecca).

If we can drill down deeper classical literature from Islamic sources, so do not be surprised if we find that a lot of Islamic kingdoms in the archipelago is actually a part of the Islamic caliphate under the Ottoman Turks. So it was not just a diplomatic relationship as it exists today, but more diplomatic relations based on shared faith and ukhuwah Islamiyah. If an Islamic state is attacked, the other Muslim countries will help unconditionally, merely because of their love for the brethren. It is not possible, the concept of "Muslim brotherhood" is then adopted by the countries of Western Christianity (Christendom) in the 20th century in the form of military cooperation (NATO, North Atlantic Treaty Organization), and other forms of cooperation such as the Uni- European, Commonwealth, G-7, and so on.

Qanun natural Meukuta

One other advantage of the Sultanate of Aceh Darussalam is the country's constitution called Qanun Meukuta bersumberkan nature of the Qur'an and hadith, which is very complete and detailed. Sultanate of Brunei is one that adopts this law sultanate of Aceh.

One set is a celebration of the Islamic religion. At the end of the month of Sha'ban, for example, when tarawih prayers will be held for the first time, then on page Masjid Raya Baiturahman, the king ordered that mounted cannon 21 times at five fewer. Each 1 Shawwal, at five o'clock in the morning after the dawn prayer, also mounted cannon 21 times as a mark Eid. Hari Raya Haji too. Every Islamic holidays, the kingdom held a lively event which is frequented by guests noble than any other country.

Aceh greatness internationally acclaimed. Wilfred Cantwell Smith in Islam in Modern History, the fifth major Islamic world at that time was: Empire Ottoman Turks in Asia Minor, based in Istanbul, the Kingdom of Morocco in North Africa, based in Rabat, Kingdom of Isfahan in the Middle East based in Persia, the Islamic Kingdom Mughol in the Indian subcontinent based in Acra, and the fifth is the kingdom of Aceh Darussalam in Southeast Asia, based in Banda Aceh.

Good relations kingdom Down the Acehnese Darussalam and of the Ottoman Empire
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Civilization Institute Film Aceh Asks the Government to Work of Hasan Tiro

Civilization Institute Film Aceh Asks the Government to Work of Hasan Tiro

The Aceh Government was asked to work on the big screen backgrounds on the spirit of Hasan Tiro, Ph.D., in the context of education and loyalty to the people of Aceh. The existence of the film is considered to be an inspiration to the younger generation to continue to learn, to work and build the prosperity of the people.

"My experience discussions about Hasan Tiro, was a student or community does not understand that Hasan Tiro is an intellectual with an academic degree Ph.D., who achieved in the United States. Hasan Tiro even the figure of the artist aka drama director, "said Chairman of the Institute of Civilization Aceh (IPA) Haekal Afifa told reporters in Banda Aceh, Sunday, November 20, 2015.

Haekal said through a movie or a Compact Disk (CD), the public can understand the spirit of the Free Aceh declaratory in about 1-2 hours. For realizing it, to read the biography of Hasan Tiro or dozens of books thinking takes days. Moreover, with the difficulty of finding the book and reading culture of communities that have not fully developed.

"We were watching a movie Tjoet Njak Dhien who played in the late 1980s, until now the phrase Tjoet Njak Dhien or Teuku Umar and others still made an impression. Images more easily enjoyed and stored the memory of the reading, "said Haekal.

He said it is important that the history of "Mr. Updates Aceh" is not the 20th century disappeared from the memories of residents. Hence the presence of a movie from the side of the power struggle for the prosperity of the people of Aceh worthy of the big screen.

"In business, the film biography of Hasan Tiro able to attract an audience that is booming. There are sides to be known by the public good by Acehnese or non Aceh. If initiated now, then in 2017, the film can be aired in theaters, "said Haekal who translated the book Atjeh in Donja eyes of the Acehnese language into the Indonesian language.

Haekal said, needs to move quickly to document their thoughts so that the spirit of the author of Atjeh in Donja eye is not destroyed. Chairman of the IPA describes the lifestyle Tiro simple it must be followed by anyone, including by ex-Libyan months educated by Hasan Tiro in barracks.

For the record, said Haekal, Hasan Tiro did not have a house, car and other possessions to death on June 3, 2010 in Banda Aceh. According to Hasan Tiro died also not bequeath property to his son.

"The focus of his release from Aceh of Indonesian territorial aspect," said Haekal.

Another way to care for the memory of the followers of Hasan Tiro made a documentary relating to the works of his thoughts. From the aspect of intellectual, not excessive public by the persistence Tiro clever as diligent study. In addition, he is adept at seven foreign languages ​​such as Arabic, Dutch, French, Swedish, English and others.

"Love to the people for a prosperous life that caused him willingly more than two years in the forests of Aceh guerrilla known malignant. Though it can be Hasan Tiro a quiet life with his wife and child in America without the need to educate the cadres in the jungles, "said Haekal, who added that this year even Hasan Tiro age of 90 years (1925-2015).

Civilization Institute Film Aceh Asks the Government to Work of Hasan Tiro
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Saturday, 28 November 2015

Aceh and Indonesian sparring in a United Nations Forums in Geneva

Aceh and Indonesian sparring in a United Nations Forums in Geneva

SERAMBINEWS.COM - receiver Acehnese asylum in European countries still continue to campaign for opposition to all forms of violence by state forces in rooting out insurgents in Aceh.
The Acehnese have joined the organization Acheh-Sumatra National Liberation Front (ASNLF) - the same name as the institution moves ever commandeered Hasan Tiro in fighting for independence for Aceh.Rejection of violence and punishment without trial was presented two activists ASNLF, respectively Imran Abdurrauf on the first day and Asnawi Ali on the second day.In the video sent to Serambinews.com, Saturday (11/28/2015), Deputy Secretary ASNLF, Asnawi Ali looks speak for three minutes in an international forum that was held at the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights or the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) during 24 to 25 November 2015 in Room XX, Palais des Nations, Geneva, Switzerland.
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A stack of coins Ancient of Roman Relics was found

A stack of coins Ancient of Roman Relics was found
CARDIFF - Stacks of silver coins, some published by the Roman general Marc Antony, have been found in a field in Wales more than 2,000 years after burial.

While still tested in value, 91 coins by historians as a significant discovery and could be worth tens of thousands of pounds.

The coins were issued by the Roman rulers for 200 years, with the age they were when Marc Antony became generals in 31 BCE (BCE), until the reign of Emperor Nero in 54 CE (AD) and 68 M and Marcus Aurelius, who led Empire from 161 M to 180 M.

As reported by Mail Online, recently, the coins was discovered by two men who were walking in a field near the small village of Wick in South Wales and during the Roman era, each of these coins will be equivalent to the salary of one day.

A stack of coins Ancient of Roman Relics was found
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This is Rose Gold Sense Android mobile phone

This is Rose Gold Sense Android mobile phone
BEIJING - Rose gold became one of the latest color can be selected gadget lovers. Rose gold color was first popularized by Apple through the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus.

Rose gold itself seems to be the color began to tune the user's smartphone. Unique color Apple is now reportedly does not only belong to the OS devices running iOS, but also began to be used on Android-based devices.

As reported by Mashable, Saturday (11/28/2015), a Chinese manufacturer Oppo claims R7S the rose gold is the first Android in the market. Although it is more likely to follow Apple, the actual vendor who first used rose gold is Samsung through Note 3, but only on wrote it.

Like the iPhone 6s, Oppo R7 has a back panel full of gold, the colors favored by the house of origin Oppo own. When Apple issued rose gold, Apple CEO Tim Cook said the color was designed for the Chinese market. Gold Apple products it covers, iPhone, iPad, and the current MacBook.

Based on the outstanding images, Oppo Rose Gold was placed berebelahan with iPhone. Oppo has more dams shadow pink gold wara less visible than the iPhone. While the iPhone Rose Gold proved popular with male consumers, but for Oppo still be considered R7s with the same color is called 'gold brooch'.

This is Rose Gold Sense Android mobile phone
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PES 2016 Free Edition Released Next Month

PES 2016 Free Edition Released Next Month

Jakarta - There is good news for you fans of the game Pro Evolution Soccer or commonly abbreviated as PES. Konami recently rumored to be released issue of free-to-play on the latest PES series, PES 2016.

The plan PES free version will be released on December 8, 2015. The game is intended as an entry level gaming is also confirmed attendees for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4, as quoted from page IGN, Friday (27/11/2015).

In this free version, players can play in Exhibition Mode with a choice of seven teams, including Bayern Munich, Juventus, AS Roma, Brazil, and France. Not only that, players can also access the full training sessions as well as unlimited access to MyClub features of PES.

Although this is a free version, Konami ensures that the game will remain compatible with all updates content and gameplay that will also be present in PES 2016.

Konami also said that this version is a picture of increased control game in PES 2016.

PES 2016 itself is the latest series of the game Pro Evolution Soccer which was released in September. This game is also called an increase in both the modes the game (gameplay) and a graphic display.

Currently, PES 2016 is available across platforms, ranging from console PlayStation 3 (PS3), Xbox 360, PS4, Xbox One, and of course PC.

PES 2016 Free Edition Released Next Month
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